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About Us

Our Story

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of Leading Supplier and Service Provider for industrial safety equipment and products. Our more than decade long presence has made us leaders in our region and we have concurred huge client base of more than 500 clients in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

We in Mainstay provide solutions to Industrial establishments in dealing with the requirements of work place hazards that are generated by Industrial Machinery and environment around it.

Our Core Business has long been the Distribution and Manufacturing of Safety Products which finds its application in various fields like Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Chemicals, Engineering, Packaging, Paints & dyes, Food & Dairy, FMCG, Automobile, Oil & gas and many more segments.

Today, we are increasingly focused on the rising demand for Safety Services. The requirement to assess the likelihood of an injury in the work place can be a very complex task even though there are volumes of Safety Standards available. If your facility wants to have the resources that are required to fully understand risk assessment and implement risk reduction measures Mainstay Safety can provide you with the right solutions.

Our specialization lies in providing customized solution as per varied requirements of industry to industry.



To Manufacture State of Art, Affordable safety products that workers need to wear in various process and service industries.

We in Mainstay strive to help companies increase Safety Compliance and Improve the Overall Welfare of their Employees – which in turn, helps companies reduce the high costs associated with human life.



To become industry leader in our segment by providing best products & services in a very affordable rate. We look forward to help small clients use safety products by providing them the products at very reasonable pricing and delight our customers by providing value for money.